Angela Labellarte

Freelance Translator

About me

27 years old, passioned about books, music, cinema and TV series like many others of my generation. My future should have been clear when I began  scribbling in my "Magic English" booklets and singing Disney songs...but not in Italian.
I studied in Bari and in Trieste, I started working as an employee in 2015 but then decided to live as a freelance in 2018, when I founded Translabing (a wordplay which contains the words translating and lab, as well as my surname). I offer linguistic services from English, French and Arabic to Italian.

About my job

Linguistic services

  • Translation
  • Revision
  • Review
  • Proof-reading
  • Post-editing
  • Editing

Private classes

  • English and French for high school students
  • English, French and Arabic for university students

CAT tools

  • Glossary digitalisation (from paper)
  • Parallel texts alignment
  • Creation of glossaries and multilingual terminology databases
  • Translation database (translation memories) creation and maintenance


Since I have always loved writing, I also have a blog - Traduzione in pillole - where I talk about my job, my specialisation fields and other related topics.

Specialisation fields

  • Marketing and e-commerce: + 300.000 words for e-commerce websites
                                                       + 100.000 words for different companies (brochures, manuals, documents, etc.)
  • Tourism: + 140.000 words for tourism websites and brochures
  • Websites: + 60.000 words for an important website company
  • Food science -> Master's degree project (FR>IT translation of a book about lactic bacteria in wine) and other projects for companies
  • Audiovisual translation -> Bachelor's degree project (Comparative analysis of the translation and adaptation of Pixar's Inside Out)                                                    and other projects for companies

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